Highbanker plans

Highbanker plans to customize for your gold prospecting needs

I have put together a few highbanker plans for you.  The basic principles of a gold highbanker or power sluice are pretty clearly illustrated these videos and links.  Although I’ll list each of the elements you need to be aware of in a second.  Make sure you take a look at the video screen cool very simple project that you can easily put together in a weekend

A highbanker consists of the same components that you have in the sluice box and a few additional ones that are unique to the highbanker. These additional equipment components aid in breaking up your gold bearing material; rocks, pay-dirt. gravel, sand and clay.  This additional equipment consists of a spray Hopper with spray bars to wash the rocks as the enter the high banker sluice box.  A special grizzly grate is designed so that one end is free to allow rocks to be unstuck easily.  Some systems may use a trommel, we will go into that another article.

Here is a list of the basic high banker sluice box components:

  1. A sluice box with a slick plate to separate gold from sticky clay, sand and gravel material. Cobbles are removed by the grizzley so the slick plate is undisturbed.
  2. A lightweight section of riffles that can be removed and cleaned out easily.  Usually plastic ribbed section.  This is where a lot of the Nuggets will catch.
  3. Possibly a grizzly plate to separate the flow of coarse material from finer material usually less than a quarter inch in diameter.
  4. A larger riffle sections carpet assembly and some expanded steel possibly with another layer of Miner’s Moss or carpeting depending upon your design.  Or it may include vortex matting or miracle matting is a high-efficiency catch for most of your coarse gold.
  5. The sluice channel itself usually made out of folded metal with anchors to tie down the sluice riffle bars and matting assemblies.
  6. A high banker will add a Hopper assembly with a slick plate and washing assembly.
  7. The wash assembly consists of the spray bar connected to a series of manifolds or pipes with the throttle valve so that the spray of can be set to the right level for efficient washing without flushing of the gold out the back end of the sluice.
  8. An intake grizzly oftentimes with bars to prevent larger rocks from traveling through the love gravel and sand and find material the gold to fall through after being washed by the spray bars.
Highbanker Plans

Highbanker plans require understanding of equipment

Take a look at the sluice video and high banker plan resources I have linked to below.  This should give you a better idea how to build your own high banker and make a set of highbanker sluice box plans for yourself that will meet your needs for finding gold.

Highbanker plans are available here

Here’s another  recirculating highbanker resource

Here’s a Youtube episode on highbanker plans to build a DIY unit

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