Gold trommel plans

Gold trommel plans are pretty scarce…

I’ve been doing a little research on the web for gold trommel plans and guess what there aren’t very many out there that are worth looking at.  If you’re at all interested in building your own gold trommel this page might provide a little bit of resource help finding some plans that you can start with.

Most homemade gold trommel designs start with a simple frame

First thing you’re going to need to do is think outside the box and perhaps be handy with some small amount of steelwork and perhaps welding.  Or look into one of the vendors with the trommel kit.  For now I thought I provide with the following set of links to at least give you some insight as to gold trommel resources.  I was thinking about building a trommel myself, and maybe I’ll provide you with the plans.  Will have to look later and we’ll see how it works out.

Most homemade trommel designs start with a simple frame and mount a set of rollers to suspend the trommel tube.  This tube performs most of the work of a trommel by washing the gold bearing rocks and gravel through a built-in grizzly sieve or classifier.  This washing action greatly reduces the amount of energy and water required to sort and concentrate gold away from the host gold bearing material.  Some means of propulsion is required to rotate the tube at about twenty rpm for optimal washing rate and maximum gold recovery.

Any trommel designs or plans that you get should include the mechanical framework, the trommel tube drive system and some means of spray or washing your material down the tube.  In addition a special sluice box or boxes will be required to capture the washed Sands and gravels so that the gold can be concentrated on the water and mud before it exits.  Many gold trommel’s include some means of breakdown and transport to make them simple to relocate since once a gold prospect runs out it’ll be important to be able to try mining of new spot for gold.

Gold Trommel Plans - Homers Bucket

Gold Trommel Plans – Homers Bucket MIA

Anyway take a look at these videos on gold trommel’s to get an idea of what I mean.




Gold trommel project without plans – Looks great but will it be available soon?

Home made gold trommel without plans, but some pretty neat water recirculation ideas for DIY’ers and others.


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